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Postby ohmstead » Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:54 pm

Since this is early times for this BB/Forums/Blog, I think I should go for a bit of transparency here. This is a discussion forum sponsored, hosted, moderated, and administered by Power Modules Inc. and I work for them.

This venue has been built to serve a number of purposes. One that matters to me is that we are inviting clients, non-clients, experts, tourists , et al to visit these boards to gain or give some knowledge, get some help, and find some good advice without any particular committment to buy something.

We'd be happy if that happened, of course, but that's by no means the sole purpose here. A big problem in our industry is that Companies are always moving around, growing or downsizing, going south for the weather or the lower labor costs, and sometimes just eliminating the high end design, engineering or technical services folks to save a buck.

We're hoping to use these forums to keep track of our good friends using a venue that is going to stay in one place and be open to everyone as a resource that may help you keep track of the knowledge base of all those who "used to know how to fix that" but haven't been around lately.

Kind of an informal grapevine of tech savvy you can call on 24/7/365. I'm thinking that might be worth a little something, you know? Anyway, there are going to be lots of PMI folks wandering around here looking to be helpful in an informal way, and hoping to earn your approval because of offering a community where you can learn, teach, occasionally bitch a bit, but usually come away feeling better than when you arrived here.

On another note, message to Trolls; please stay under your bridge and off our forums. Anyone cruising here with bad intentions will likely get banned pretty fast, as this is meant to be a friendly, helpful community, not a spot for those who want to run anyone down, or try to snatch our customers and friends, or steal information not rightfully their own.
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Postby Wall-E » Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:10 pm

OK, I'll bite. Who are you guys, what are you good at, and how can you help me with anything? Process heating sounds like a lot of factory type places that must cook, heat, warm up whatever it is they are working on. Need a little info to round out the old brain pan. :?:
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