Watlow EZPMs - "Universal Controls"?

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Watlow EZPMs - "Universal Controls"?

Postby BD610 » Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:01 am

Our pals at Watlow have a family of problem children on their hands. A matter of product identity. Maybe more like function definition, where Temperature Control just doesn't fit, and Mini-PLC is maybe a bit of overstatement, but not so much. Watlow's EZPM Series of temperature controllers are much more versatile than their predecessors, to the point where you could call them "Universal" controls. On a daily basis I see them suffering from a bad case of being misunderstood, misapplied, and generally not spec-ed or used to anywhere near their capabilities. Most folks just hook them to a T/C and a heater, and walk away. Using genius electronics to flip a heater switch.

Here are a few things they can do that are almost never even considered by even the sharpest customers:

1. Read heater amperage and display it. 2. Read humidity and display that. 3. Read pressure and display that too. 4. Read and display drive motor speed RPMs 5. Read and display Extrusion or injection melt pressure. 6. Operate fans, conveyors, doors, alarms, robotics, and anything else that can react to a retransmit universal output 4-20ma, 0-5vdc, etc.
7. Communicte with any PC or laptop with a simple RS-485-USB cable for configuration, setup saving, or data logging 8. Use Digital I/Os for over/undertemp monitoring, with the ability to shut down Temporarily before reaching High Limit latched shutdown. 9. Configure to include primary/secondary response to setpoint deviation.

These controllers can do things never heard of from ordinary temperature controllers, can replace a wide assortment of other more expensive components in a process heating system, potentially saving a ton of cash.

Just have to think about the actions you need, and twist your mind around to thinking about doing all those other things with just some inexpensive "temperature/pressure/humidity/Digital I/O/ammeter/re-transmitter/controller". Not your Dad's temperature controllers, that's for sure.

Neat to replace half a dozen controls/switches/meters/alarms/lights, etc. with one unit with a base price under $225.00

Let's not even talk about the multi-zone RMs! Thats another case of all of the above, except with up to 4 control zones per module........... :roll:
Now Watch VERY Carefully........
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