SCADA High End at an Intro Cost

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SCADA High End at an Intro Cost

Postby WD-46 » Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:25 pm

Anyone interested in upgrading their systems to keep up with the constant increase in regulations and customer demands for cradle-to-grave process certification knows how expensive compliance can be. We've been working hard to lessen the pain and have what looks to us to be a pretty slick solution. Process snapshots as fast as once a second, 100% parameter trend and data logging, complete control of multiple zone heating, at about what a retrofit set of temp instruments usually costs.

Above is a sample screenshot from a PMI system running a 14 zone extruder. Controls all zones, reads temps, melt pressure and amps plus motor and puller speeds, plus DATALOGS all parameters six times a minute. Full function touch panel PC included, of course......................... :D
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